About us

We believe in a free and open internet for everyone. An internet controlled by everyone, where everyone gets a say and has their website found.

That any and everyone can join in and participate in the sharing and growing of information across the network, to share their dreams, their ideas, works and creations.

At least that was the original promise of the internet way back in the early 90s. We want to bring that back. To open up the internet to everyone who wants to create content, and have it found by anyone who wants to find it.

So we made Wooshkaa, the search engine where everyone controls their search. Simple.

We also believe in digital privacy, no digital stalking, not shoving schlocky ads down your throat, and an environment where everyone can be heard, and not just those with the loudest voices.

Which is why we ask for your email address and nothing else. We don't want to know your mobile phone number, your age, your sex, your address, etc. None of that.

So again, Wooshkaa.

Search You Control.