About us

Here at Wooshkaa we are for:
  • a free, open and fair internet
  • strong privacy
  • people behaving like adults
  • We are not for:
  • screamers
  • digital stalking

  • A free and fair internet

    We think that the internet is for everyone. Website owners should be able to get their sites on the internet and found relatively easily without having to mortgage their house. It should not be just for the big boys.They should also have some say as to how users find their site. Being wholly dependent on faceless websites and algorithms is just so old. Users should be able to participate and vote for the best website. Why not? It’s more fun.

    We as an internet ‘find’ website will not influence the results depending on who has the biggest bank account. The votes are the votes. Let the best website be at the top.

    Strong privacy

    Currently there are many organisations that have lots of information about you: your full name, your date of birth, where you live, your education background, your sex, who your partner is and their sex, what your financial status is, your citizenship, bank accounts, what you buy and where, where you have your holidays, etc.

    They are, just to think of a few: the tax office (of whatever country you are in), your credit card company, your bank, the driving license department, etc.

    And if they ever used this information to shove schlocky ads in front of you there would be hell to pay. There are privacy and confidentiality laws in place to stop this very thing.

    So if it’s good enough for all these types of organisations, it really is good enough for internet companies.

    Saying ‘the idea of privacy is old’ is another way of saying ‘we are going to violate your privacy because we can and we make lots of money doing it too’.

    If certain companies have to breech your privacy to make money it just means their way of making money is bad.

    So we believe in strong privacy. Very much.

    And the best way to ensure that is to not ask for or get that much information about you. What we don’t have can’t be hacked. What we don’t have we can’t ever do weird stuff with. What we don’t have secretive government departments can’t ask us to hand over either.

    Therefore we ask only for the bare minimum of information that we need for our system to work. Which is pretty much two things: your email address and your ‘votes’.

    Without your email address you can’t login. Nor can we record your votes. And of course your votes are what the whole system works off.

    But we’ll never give your email address away to anyone that we don’t have to (maybe some law enforcement agency might want the email addresses one day, but we can’t see why).

    Also, we don’t store your credit card information. Again, if we don’t have it, it can’t be stolen. So we leave this to the likes of Stripe and your credit card company to take care of.

    Digital stalking

    This is the opposite of strong privacy. Using your profile to shove ads at you is just plain rude and intrusive.

    Retargeting (where you visit site A, then go to site B, only to be shown ads about site A) is even more gross. Using GPS location to send you ads about places you are physically at is off the charts creepy.

    By having strong privacy this won’t happen, which we support.

    Payment for services

    This does mean that Wooshkaa is a paid site. Hey, servers cost. But even then we will make every attempt to keep this as low as possible. (C’mon. Free for first year, $1.49 thereafter for the basic account). And of course you won’t have your screen full of all sorts of ads, at least not from us.

    No screamers

    People should behave like adults. Not a bad idea. That is, it seems the internet has become a place where those with the loudest voices get the attention, no matter how silly what they are saying.

    The best way to sum this up is we do not support ‘screamers’. These are people who have strong opinions, which is fine, who start screaming at those with different opinions, which is not fine.

    The extreme versions of this are racism, hate speech, incitement to violence, zeolotry for various political causes (whether they be left, right, centre or whatever), etc.

    On top of this screamers often are staunch believers in things that are just not true, such as conspiracy theories. Just because someone believes something does not make it true.

    So Wooshkaa does not support screamers, and we reserve the right to remove sites that do not behave like adults, that are screamers. Please refer to our terms and conditions if you want clarification on this.

    One point on this regarding free speech, because this is bound to come up. It is amazing how many screamers think that the right to free speech gives them the right to scream abuse at others and say the most vile things. It does not. Freedom of speech doesn’t give you the right to say horrible things. That is why defamation laws exist. Plus in many countries hate speech and inciting others to violence is illegal.

    It’s also a bit rich for an individual to ask for tolerance of their opinions when they themselves are intolerant.

    But, again before you ask, nor do we support political correctness. Criticism is okay so long as it is done properly.

    In short, Wooshkaa is not in favour of supporting screamers. We prefer to support mature people who know how to behave like adults. The non-screamers.


    We built Wooshkaa, and now continuously develop the site, along the path of the above. We hope you like it and take it in the spirit it is intended.

    And as much as we believe what we say here, people will do what they do. But if what we have built here at Wooshkaa encourages people to behave a bit more sensibly and maturely, which is our hope, then great. But if not, well, free will.